The goal of our gateway project is beautifying the principal entryways to Newburyport to welcome visitors.

High Street, Three Corners, Green Street, and Merrimac Street are areas of focus. 



The goal of our High Street project is to restore the beauty of High Street by replacing the trees lost to disease, hazards, or vandalism.

High Street


The goal of the Tree Inventory is to collect and maintain data on all street trees in Newburyport in a GIS database.

Tree Inventory

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 2.09.22 PM.png

The Tree Guide is a resource to the community and provides a detailed guide to all species of trees in Newburyport.  You can purchase a copy here and pick them up at the Planning Department in City Hall.

Newburyport Tree Guide


FoNT raises funds to to increase the scope of the biannual (Spring and Fall) street tree planting undertaken by the Tree Commission.  

Green-Your-Street is another way for the community to get involved.  If a street is targeted for a planting, neighbors can contribute funds to increase the number of trees planted during that time.  

Seasonal Planting