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The goal of the Gateway Project is to beautify the principal entryways to Newburyport. 


High Street, Three Corners, Green Street and Merrimac Street have been areas of focus. For instance, since 2015 over 250 new trees have been planted on High Street.


The Edible Avenue

An 8500 sq. foot site planted on the Newburyport Rail Trail with over 30 species native to Essex County. All labeled plants have an edible part: fruit, berry, bud, leaf, flower stem or root.


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Tree Inventory

An inventory of all public trees in Newburyport was completed in 2018. With the help of committed interns and Tree Commission volunteers collected data on 11,464 trees. Data is continually updated. The inventory can be viewed here.


Newburyport Tree Guide

The Tree Guide  provides a detailed guide to all species of public trees found in  Newburyport.  You can purchase a copy  here and pick it up at the Clerks Office in  City Hall.

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Seasonal Planting

FoNT raises funds to to increase the scope of the biannual (Spring and Fall) street tree planting undertaken by the Tree Commission.  

Green-Your-Street is another way for the community to get involved.  If a street is targeted for a planting, neighbors can contribute funds to increase the number of trees planted during that time.  

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