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Thank you to our Donors!

Recognition Tree

Cassidy Bros. Forge

Corliss Bros. Inc

Friends of Battis Grove

In Memory of Andrew Bodenrader

GreenJean's, LLC

Mary Herlihy

Institution for Savings

Legacy of Kellehers

In Memory of Donald Kudym, Sr. 

The McCarthy Family

In Recognition of Crispin Miller

Janet Morris 

Newburyport Bank

Newburyport Horticultural Society

In Memory of Richard Niebling

Linda Paulhus

Dorothy G Phillips Charitable Fund

Rene Pickering

Stephanie Roy


Corporations, Foundations & Trusts

Friends of Battis Grove

Broomfield Trust

The Bucknall Family Fund

Construction Quality Analysis

The Community PreservationCommittee

Courtyard II

The A.G.Cutter Fund

Fidelity Charitable Foundation

Gayden Morrill Trust Fund

Green Jeans

Gayden Morrill Trust Fund

The Joppa Group

National Grid

Newburyport  Bank

Newburyport Institution for Savings

Newburyport Garden Club

Newburyport Horticultural Society

Dorothy G. Phillips Charitable Fund

Salt Box Financial


Adopt-a-Tree & 

Memorial Tree

Annie's Tree

Christopher Authier

Leslie Barnaby

Susan Benveniste

Paul Bevilacqua

Bodenrader Family

Brian Callahan

Andrew Casson

Peter Demaranville

Phyllis Gray

Priscilla Elgen

Peter Harrison

Kudym Family

David Marks

Maureen Murphy

Newburyport Choral Society



Donna Attenborough 

Jean Berger 

Doug Bolick

Susan Brown

Carol Buckley

Helen Callahan

Harley Davis                                                 Andrea and Jared Eigerman

Veronica Femia

Linda Harding

Paul Harrington

Lisa Holt

Hugh Kelleher

Kim Kudym

Melanie and Joseph Kelley

Jim McCarthy

Janet and Robert McDonnell

The Miller Family

Charles Niebling

Jane Niebling

Dorothy Phillips

John Thibodeau

Joe Teixeria

Maureen Vesey 

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